Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Unknow Blogs

I think I can also be called a blogger. Why not? I have this blog, right? He-he-he! Silly me.

Just wanna post a little discovery online.

There are a lot of bloggers out there. Big ones, great ones, little ones, lesser know ones…. even unknown ones. But I am particularly amazed by those who blog about certain topics. ”Little” as they are, they sometimes beat their Goliath sources of info.

Here’s an example. Try so see this “lesser known little blog” called This blog got no specific niche i believe. But then, sometimes, it’s ‘better known’ dominant sites gets beaten. Currently, to this very date and time of blogging, appears to be in the first page if you Google on the keyword “One Piece 617 raw scans”. I find this pretty amazing for an unknown blog like this.

To think, they got what they publish in their blog from other sources. And yet, the so call “source” got beaten.

Don’t you agree with me if I say this is amazing? :)

See for yourself. has the top 3 Manga (Naruto, One Piece, Bleach). Not to mention the Manga Spoilers. It also have posts on Cheap Airfare Promos. And below these are some blogging tips, recipes, how to’s, home ideas, and a lot more. They seemed to be living up with the term Jack of All Trades.

I’m still amazed.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

150 Years of proven quality

If you are looking for not just the right but the best dispenser of professional advice on matters concerning business, taxes and finance, Saffery Champness is the name you are looking for. Having gained the trust of many businesses, business owners as well as private clients, Saffery Champness has an remarkable 150 years of proven quality in the world of chartered accountancy.

First established in 1855, the firm is now one of the top 20 chartered accounting firms, currently holding office in the UK, as well as in Guernsey and Geneva.

Respective to the individual needs of its clients, Saffery Champness aims to help their clients not just in the protection of their business and personal wealth, but also in the growth of these establishments. The firm combines expert skills and a rich history of experience, to ensure that the goals of the clients are met in the most satisfying manner possible, without effective strategies in controlling costs.


Saffery Champness’ services include but are not limited to Litigation Support, Accounting and Audit, OffShore Services, Corporate Finance, among many others.

Throughout the client relationship and partnership, the experts behind this firm will provide advice on the key aspects of maintain a business. From payroll management and employee taxes, taxes and financial statements, the tried and tested commercial experience of Saffery Champness ensures security, with only the clients’ affairs and interests at heart.

With their efficient team behind a broad spectrum of sectors which include AIM and Listed Companies, Landed Estates and Rural Businesses, and even Media and Entertainment, Saffery Champness has a long list of satisfied clients that have benefited from their services.

People Power

They’re not only professional, they are also very approachable. As a firm that believes that their greatest investment is in their people, the staff of Saffery Champness is a team of committed individuals wholly dedicated to the aspirations of their clients from the UK to as far as Russia and China. And who knows where they’ll head to next? For Saffery Champness, providing expert financial advise knows no limits.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Creative Approach to PR

There are various ways in promoting business. One of which is a through communications.

Communication is defined as a process by which we assign and convey meaning in an attempt to create shared understanding.

In order to win the market a business firm must choose communication agency that maintains close working relationships with journalists and editors in the national press, at magazines, press agencies and in broadcast and online media and also intelligent, creative, 'non-fluffy' approach to PR.

Regular in-house brainstorming sessions combined with the constant contact with the media, mean that no stone is left unturned and no media opportunity is overlooked.

Furthermore, highly professional and talented team is also a factor in success of a business all thus having a genuine passion for the restaurant and hospitality industry and excel at raising the profile of our clients, their businesses and products, in this country and internationally.

A communication firm must also have a ability to combine deep-rooted media contacts and understanding of the daily media agenda with a dollop of creativity, a splash of passion and a pinch of fun along the way.

All of these are found in Sauce Communications, a very reliable firm that causes not only my restaurant but also my friends bars a success.

They also have a full design, build and consultancy service. Thus their areas of expertise include: website design and developing, hosting, publishing, corporate identity and branding, brochures, exhibitions and marketing material.

In addition to specializing in design and build, they also have access to a wide range of resources: our database includes production editors, photographers and illustrators who they can call on for any project.

Success again depends on the people who worked behind it and the method of promoting the company. Through proper communication skills business surely will be successful.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Travelling Souk

Humans are said to be very complex and not easy to understand especially women. And so it is said that it is difficult buying gifts for them that will please them and make them happy. People give gifts usually during special occasion, gift is the giving of something without the expectation of receiving something in return. In most cases the problem will be what kind of gift and where to buy these gifts. People often seek for products with distinctive brands and cheaper prices without sacrificing the quality of the goods to be delivered to the receiver.

When choosing a shop that has complete, unique and distinctive brand I strongly recommend The Travelling Souk by Georgiana Pike. They have best and most unique gifts for every temptation, sensation and location!

They also offer free gift wrapping, plus a chance to win a mini break for two and other many fabulous prices. They also do free shipping. You could also give some personalized things with there name on it! These are truly amazing factors that is rarely offered! In addition shoppers can find wonderful treasures which won't be found anywhere else.

From birthday gifts down to Christmas gifts this is the only store that offers all in one. Aside from those stated they also have over 100 small businesses located world wide, and they can be easily accessed through their website.

So why look for other stores when you've got the best, most complete, and cheapest yet still has the quality that you’ve been looking for. Impress and make your loved one’s special day a remarkable one by giving him gift from The Travelling Souk. And the last but the the least bear in mind that whatever the gift is, make sure it is filled with love, sincerity and is straight from the heart. This leaves a mark on ones heart that nobody could erase.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vintage Style Jewellery

Having trouble on thinking unique gifts to give this Holiday seasons? Tired on looking to the Shopping malls, stores and even in the internet the same gift items they offered? Having doubt how to choose the perfect pair of shoes that your lovely wife may like? Or having difficult time to choose a comfortable coat that may suit to your mom's high standards in regards to clothes? Then worry no more I have an item that surely hit the meticulous cravings of women nowadays. No one can resist jewelry. Not even your Auntie that known has a firm taste in such items.

There is a company that offers a unique and high caliber item that you surely treasure. Why not purchase a set of Family Collection Jewellery. A set of jewellery that you can personalize after your surname or your name. Truly a unique gift that you can have for the whole family. Also at Family Silver they offer a "Family Surname" collection which is a contemporary interpretation of Victorian sentimental jewellery. This is a unique format to preserve family surname's. Aside from the Family Collection that you will surely love they also come up to more exciting collections that everyone will be go gaga over. Vintage Design can never go wrong. They are still constantly beautiful and glamorous. Their Designer Vintage Style Jewellery is carefully chosen collection of instantly recognizable but timeless designs that everyone will like. This are made up of sterling silver. The collection will be suit to all tastes and occasions.

In addition, the Family Collection is designed and made by Esmie Burton, the owner of the Family Silver who design the jewellery collection by the main theme of family surnames on it. You can choose names/surnames/dates from your family and My Family Silver will engrave each one to onto sterling silver bracelet tag links. Wow it is a truly a delightful item that you can have to preserve your family tree and you can personalize it. A unique and truly elegant piece of jewellery. A perfect gift for anniversaries, weddings, christening or even family affairs.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Finding a Management Consultant

Business is definitely a hard and cold world. There are hundreds or even thousands of competition out there that are ready to go neck-to-neck with you. There are also a lot of factors that can affect your success in the industry. These factors may be your employees, your marketing strategies and your products or services.

Every now and then, even if you have a big company, you will encounter problems especially with your teams’ performances. This may affect the entire performance of the company and in return may affect the sales.

If you have a large-end organization and this is your company’s issue, you can try to hire management consultants that will help you optimize your company. Management consultants provide services that will help organizations improve performance. They will have to analyze the current problems and develop a plan for enhancement.

Consultants strive to improve a business’ by providing advice and assistance to the client and really collaborate with them.

Different management consultants have different approaches when it comes to providing clients services. Some offer more technical knowledge while others focus more on consultation itself.

Since there are a lot of consultants out there, look for independent consultants that specialize in your field or kind of organization. There are consultants that have a specific axis of expertise. If you are a telecommunications and network company, go for management consultants that have a specialist area of telecommunications and network services.

Look for a group that will work with you to define and implement strategic, sourcing and governance programs. Check their previous work with clients; this will help you in knowing their reputation and the quality of work that they deliver.

Lastly, read reviews about the management consulting firm or group that you will hire. This will be an important part in making your decision. Previous customers’ opinions on the firm is a great measurement of their capabilities.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sci Dama Board : how does it look like?

Yesterday,  my 10 year old daughter, Ate Bon, asked me and my wife to make a Sci Dama Board for her.  She need it in school the following day because she is a contestant to the sci dama contest. 

She already bought an illustration board and permanent markers for this project, so how could we ever say no.  After all, even if this new to us, I could always ask my Kuya Google to help me out on how it looks like.   (The truth is, I never heard of this during my school days.  We only played chess or dama at the kanto opposite of the public market.)  :D

I opened the computer and started to do a Google Image search. To my dismay, results were for Damath only. ....Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia.... results were for Damath only - not for Sci-Dama.  I've reached up to the 10th page of the search result, and still nothing.

I've also discovered that there are a lot of people out there, presumably parents, who are looking for the same thing im lookin' for.  Here, are some of the same queries i came across with:

I found an image of a Damath Board atWikiPilipinas and it looks like this one on the right.  I asked Ate Bon if this is the correct one but she told me that it is different.  The sci-dama board that they used in school only have plus(+) and minus (-) signs.

She showed me a sketch.  She is in grade 4 by the way, expect the sketch to be a rough rough sketch.  But the mathematical signs were clear.

Since i've already seen the Damath board, i asked my daughter to call her classmate so we could verify the exact places for the signs. 

Im not actually at home with my family 'coz i work abroad.  My contribution to this project was merely online research.  It was my sexy wife who produced the Sci-Dama Board.  The illustration board was 15"x17" in size.  So to divide it properly, i told here to make the same damath pattern above where each square is measures 4cm (²) only.  Margin for 3 sides is at 1inch each.  For the dark shade, she used 3 permanent markers.  The same pen markers were used to write in the plus and minus signs.  With some extra plastic cover, the Sci-Dama Board is so neat and complete!

This is how the actual SCI-DAMA BOARD looks like this.  I just drawn this through a spreadsheet so i could upload it here with better clarity.

And for those students and parents who were looking for this, well.... here it is.

Oh yeah, about the contest that my daughter went into.  She went up against her classmates and became one of the quarter-finalists.   She didn't make it to the finals.  Im very proud of her though.  I did not teach her this. And we never played it at home.  But she was a quater-finalist, and that's just great!